How to Choose a Photographer

The key to success is a good rapport between the couple and the photographer. We'd like to steer you through the potential minefield of choosing a wedding photographer.

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The Photographer

  • Be sure to have an extended chat with a prospective photographer - a good one will do this without obligation.
  • Trust your first impressions.
  • Does the photogrpaher's style appeal to you, eg reportage, formal, black and white, etc.
  • Does the photographer have insurance:
    • public liability;
    • photogrpaher's insurance.

Quality Of Work

  • Ask to see some examples of the photographer's work.
  • Ask to look at enlargements - are the images sharp?
  • Examine the expressions on faces - do people look happy and relaxed?

Your Photographs

  • Think in advance about what you want but be prepared to listen to the photographer’s suggestions.
  • Do you want formal poses and groups or more informal and reportge style?
  • Talk to the photographer about plans for different weather conditions.
  • Make sure you discuss any special requirements in detail.


  • Agree with the photographer a timetable for the day:
    • do you want pre-ceremony photographs:
    • do you require the photographer at the reception, and for how long?
    • etc
  • Ask the photographer's advice if you are unsure about timing and how to avoid keeping people waiting unecessarily.

The Album

  • There are many ways to keep a record of your wedding day. You may want a traditional album, a memory stick, a photo-story book. Or you may have an idea of your own.
  • Make sure you discuss this with the photographer before the wedding not after.

The Price

  • Generally speaking you get what you pay for.
  • Make sure that you know what is included in the price, eg how much are additional prints and enlargements?
  • Most photographers have a wide range of packages to suit different budgets.
  • Get a written quote.
  • Check cancellation policy details - you never know!

CD-Rom/DVD/Memory Stick

  • The photograph album is here to stay, but ask if your photographs can be put into an album on a disc.

And Afterwards…

  • When will a preview of the photographs be available?
  • If the photographs will be available online who will be able to view them - will they be password-protected?
  • When will the album, etc, be ready?
  • How do I order prints and enlargements?

Many couples spend hundreds, even thousands, of pounds on the wedding dress, morning suits, the reception, and the honeymoon, and yet skimp on the only item which lasts forever [the marriage excepted!]. As the years go by, good quality photography will mean a lot when you are reliving golden moments from your wedding day: that splendid moment when the bride’s mother was hugging her daughter with tears streaming down the side of her face; or that awful instant when the groom’s father’s top-hat blew off and landed in the mud!